The Masonic Assistance Program - MAP

Our Story

The Masonic Assistance Program was developed by the Masonic Relations Committee of the Masonic Family Health Foundation.  It functions with the support and participation of Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center’s Administration and Medical Staff.


The Master Mason applying for assistance must be a member in good standing of a Masonic Lodge in the State of Illinois and a resident of Illinois. 


The primary mission of the Masonic Assistance Program (MAP) is to help Illinois Master Masons and their families (spouse or dependents) in need of medical assistance at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center (AIMMC) to explore available medical and health resources and support functions, and to provide needed health-care services. 


A secondary mission of MAP is to provide financial assistance to Master Masons and their families who are financially indigent or medically indigent in order to obtain physician and/or outpatient services at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.  Inpatient hospital services may be provided by AIMMC in cases where the Master Mason qualifies under a Free-Care Program at AIMMC  or one of the medical assistance programs of the State of Illinois.


It is important to note that health-care services will only be offered at AIMMC’s facilities and by physicians on the medical staff of AIMMC.


If you are interested in applying for assistance, please download the application, print and fill out all appropriate information. Please scan and email your completed application to our offices at You may also mail it to the address listed on the application or fax it to 773-296-8984.